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Looking for best quality and taste?

We are a very simple company who supply the very best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from small villages in the Sitia region of Eastern Crete, Greece.



Azorias extra virgin olive oil

is produced from the small Koroneiki olive and has an acidity of less than 0.3% making it a very high quality oil. It is carefully sourced direct from a small number of families through their mountain village oil pressing plants in the Sitia region of Eastern Crete. These are cooperatives which press the villager’s olives using techniques perfected over the years to produce oil of the finest grade.



Without doubt it is one of the finest oils in the world and we’re confident you’ll love it and the prices we sell it at.

Nick Dawkins (CEO)



Best conditions for an oil of highest quality

The combination of soil and climate at high altitude produces a low acidity oil with a fine, smooth but slightly peppery taste. Cretan oil has been much sought after for over 3,000 years; it was widely traded in the eastern Mediterranean by the Minoan people who were renowned sailors.



DSC_9325_500x332Delivery to your door

If you are from the UK we are happy to deliver our Products to you.
Whether you are a private Household, a shop or deli.
We deliver also wholesale and retail within the UK.
For international business please use our contact form.



We are happy to talk to you.

The team



DSC_0359Manos, the Cretan manager, married to Kate.

IMG_2227 cropNick, the UK manager and father of Kate.

The happy dogs in this pic are all rescued; two from the street, one from an abusive owner and one from the local animal shelter. One day I’ll get around to telling their stories…

We have three local organisations who do fantastic work in different ways to rescue and rehome dogs and cats. They desperately need to find homes for the many animals they’ve taken off the streets and can arrange the documentation and transportation requirements if you can provide a good forever home. They’re also desperate for funds and welcome any donation, however small.