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DSCF0032_1000x669We are a very simple company who supply the very best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from small villages in the Sitia region of Eastern Crete, Greece.

The oil is pure and from a single source, somewhere you can point to on a map and a place where generation after generation has carefully tended and nurtured the olive trees.


We seek out the best growers from each village, those families who year after year produce the best quality oil.

We don’t use fancy packaging and we don’t have a complicated range; our aim is to supply world class oil at a price that will encourage you to come back for more. You can be sure of the quality as we’ve had it assessed by the UK’s leading expert on oils who’s given it a glowing review.


So, if you want pure Cretan village extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality at a very sensible price, here we are.