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About The Oil


DSC_0360Azorias extra virgin olive oil is produced from the small Koroneiki olive and has an acidity of less than 0.3% making it a very high quality oil. It is carefully sourced direct from a small number of families through their mountain village oil pressing plants in the Sitia region of Eastern Crete. These are cooperatives which press the villager’s olives using techniques perfected over the years to produce oil of the finest grade. The combination of soil and climate at high altitude produces a low acidity oil with a fine, smooth but slightly peppery taste. Cretan oil has been much sought after for over 3,000 years; it was widely traded in the eastern Mediterranean by the Minoan people who were renowned sailors. Without doubt it is one of the finest oils in the world and we’re confident you’ll love it and the prices we sell it at.

jug editRemember the oil is affected by temperature and if it drops below about 10 degrees centigrade it’ll start to solidify a little. Simply leave it somewhere warmer for an hour or so and it’ll return to normal; this is perfectly natural and won’t affect the quality or taste at all.

We’ve had it independently assessed by the leading UK oil expert and writer, a lady who’s been in the business for many years and is very well respected throughout the olive oil world:-

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Sharply herbaceous aroma with wet cut grass, culinary herbs and stalky tones. This is mixed with strong citrus aromas and a touch of apple skins and nuts.


The herbaceous character continues into the mouth with a mixed salad bowl of flavours including lettuce, green cabbage, mustard leaf and sorrel. Some bitter almond skins and a touch of liquorice lead into well mixed bitterness and pepper which grows in the mouth and then fades a little, but lingers into the after taste of asparagus and sweet almonds.


This is a medium style of oil with very well balanced fruit, bitterness and pepper.

Overall Assessment

The complex flavour tones give a good deal of character to this essentially herbaceous oil. Its attractive aroma and taste is likely to have a wide appeal. It could easily be used as a dip or as a finishing oil but also as a flavouring ingredient in its own right.

The tasting and official assessment of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a skill carried out only by expert tasters who often also sit on panels to taste and judge the best oils in the world. To find out more visit sites like